EXHIBITIONS Optical Disorder

Numerous other shows like the Venice Biennale, Tate Modern, and MoMA have also created immersive spaces that use art as a medium to create optical disorder.

The lens of the eye is responsible for refracting light and passing it onto the retina. The retina converts the light into communications to the brain which can then be processed into vision. When there is an optical disorder, it affects one or more of these processes and causes vision impairment.

In this exhibition, visitors are able to go through a series of interactive exhibits that show what can cause optical disorders. They also get to see how these disorders affect people in different ways depending on their age and gender.

This section will show how optical disorders affect people depending on their age and gender.

EXHIBITIONS is an art exhibition that has been going on for 3 years. It’s at the intersection of science, technology and fine arts. The show has interactive installations, exhibits, a digital catalogue and much more.

It is a great way for artists to present their work in a stimulating environment and for those interested in the arts to experience cutting-edge technologies firsthand.

EXHIBITIONS Optical Disorder is an event that is part of the larger EXHIBITIONS Exhibition Series. It has been running every year since 2009 and features artists who are exploring optical approaches to art-making. In this new iteration, participants can experience immersive video projections as well as multi-sensory installations that examine how sight interacts with other senses such as touch, sound and smell.

The event highlights the close relationship between optics and other disciplines like architecture, fashion design or music production by inviting international artists to explore different ways of focusing light on one.

EXHIBITIONS is a partnership between White Columns and the other exhibiting galleries.

Exhibiting galleries are Muhka, Carlotta de Bevilacqua, The Kitchen, Enterprise Gallery, Barbara Kruger Inc., Salon 93 Gallery and Dara Friedman.

It is organized by the partner galleries in New York on a yearly basis.

The exhibition takes place within the context of an art fair that promotes dialogue with contemporary art.

It features work from emerging artists as well as established names.


The EXHIBITIONS is an art exhibition that was first held in November 2017. It started with a series of short films followed by a live demonstration to showcase the optical disorder. The exhibition is about all things related to perception, sight and reality. The main idea behind it was to show how we interpret what we see and what reality really means in today’s world.

EXHIBITIONS is a biennial exhibition of the work of artists in all media such as painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and video.

EXHIBITION Optical Disorder is an annual conference hosted by the American Society for Optics and Photonics that brings together scientists from various fields to discuss optics, photonics and imaging.

For these conferences, our team drafts content for brochures and presentations.

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