The latest exhibition by the Smithsonian Institution to be showcased in Brazil, EXHIBITIONS ®Nova – RIO, opened this Friday (15) at the Museum of Art of Rio de Janeiro and will stay in the building until 12 October 2019.

This exhibition is dedicated to the history and future of exhibitions, as well as emerging trends and artistic movements in museums. The installation brings together works from different disciplines: painting, photography, sculpture and sound art.

Exhibitons®nova was the latest exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was held from October 1st to November 18th at the Museum of Art of Rio de Janeiro. This exhibition presented a collection of artists working with new media, especially art installations, film and sound works.

“The Exhibition features an installation by Oscar Murillo who has been transforming museum spaces into monumental sculptures with his own body and with his installations.”

The Exhibition is curated by Maria Eugenia Berger and Felipe Ribeiro dos Santos.

Nova is Rio’s newest museum, built as a cultural center for Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. The structure has two main galleries, one located on each floor.

The ground floor space is divided into an entrance hall space, a café and bookstore and a small exhibition gallery. The two top floors are dedicated to exhibitions, with the first floor hosting the Nova collections and temporary exhibitions, while the second floor hosts traveling exhibitions.


EXHIBITIONS ®Nova – RIO is the newest museum of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil that announces itself as a cultural center for the city. With more than 2 floors of exhibition space it has all types of exhibits- from temporary to permanent ones- under its belt.

EXHIBITIONS ®Nova – RIO is an art exhibition that happens every two years in Rio, Brazil. It gathers many Brazilian contemporary artists and also hosts exhibitions from international artists. Recently, EXHIBITIONS ®Nova – RIO has enriched the museum with a new section called “museum of the future”.

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EXHIBITIONS is an independent cultural content agency, established in 2009. We work with international museums and galleries, cultural institutions, artists and architects to produce original projects for exhibitions, online web sites, social media and publications. Our practice includes strategic thought leadership, creation of exhibitions and websites to communicate the museum’s collections to an increasingly diverse audience.

Our team consists of multidisciplinary professionals from diverse backgrounds including photography, film making, curatorial practice, art history as well as consulting in communications strategy. We are always looking for talented professionals who will bring new perspectives to our team while collaborating with us on exciting new projects all over the world.

EXHIBITIONS ®Nova – RIO is a cultural event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil organized by the Ministry of Culture of Brazil.

It is a bi-annual fair for contemporary visual art and features Brazilian and international artists. The fair features both living artists as well as artists from the past. The exhibit will be from February 14 to March 19, 2018.

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